Aboriginal Recruitment

Aboriginal Recruitment

Commitment and vision
Michels Canada believes it is important for Aboriginal Peoples and non-Aboriginals to work together in a positive manner. As one of the most progressive pipeline companies in Canada, we are committed to forging a strong partnership with Aboriginal Peoples and to providing opportunities for Aboriginal Peoples to have careers in the pipeline construction sectors.

Employment opportunities
Michels Canada understands the importance of all Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals setting the stage in a positive manner for the current and future workforce. We aggressively work to develop new and innovative ways to address issues related to Aboriginal recruitment and retention. We are proud to offer an Aboriginal training program, apprenticeships, and seasonal and full-time employment opportunities.

How to apply
Apply online. Aboriginal applicants are encouraged to voluntarily self-identify when submitting applications or completing orientation packages for positions with Michels Canada. Voluntary self-declaration enables Michels Canada to evaluate how to better utilize resources and implement further Aboriginal employment initiatives.

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