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Michels Canada completes remote adventure

Michels Canada recently completed a 2.2 km 12-inch line replacement under the Mackenzie River near Fort Simpson in Canada's Northwest Territories. Employees knew they were in a unique place when their luggage arrived on the tailgate of a half-ton versus the usual terminal conveyor. The remote location required barges for movement of equipment and materials across the river to build an access road and set up camp. Workers being transported across the river by boat or helicopter faced new safety procedures.

Temporary camp facilities were set up on the north and south side of the Mackenzie River to accommodate staff who completed the horizontal directional drill under the river. Electric fencing at the rear of the dining halls prevented abundant wildlife from having access to the garbage bins used by kitchen staff. Temporary communication towers were set up on portable trailers to provide cell phone and TV service for the camp. In the off-grid location, portable generators provided necessary electricity and large outdoor tanks held deliveries of potable water for the camp. 

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