Big Lake W14

Big Lake W14


Edmonton, AB




Microtunneling, Shoring, Pipe Jacking, Spoils Separation, Dewatering


The project involved the installation of nearly 2.3 kilometres of sanitary sewer at a below grade depth ranging from 3.5-10 metres in an area home to 27,000 residents. 5 launch and 6 reception shafts for a total of 11 steel sheet pile shafts were constructed. The shoring was installed with an ABI Hydraulic Pile Rig which was used vibration to drive steel sheets in place. The process of pipe jacking was utilized to push the pipe and MTBM through the ground on a jacking frame. A spoil removal and separation method was used to carry the spoils to a separation tank on the site surface was also used.

A Microtunnel Boring Machine (MTBM) was used, as well as HOBAS Pipe, Permaloc, Spectra Shield, and Flowcrete Pipe which had never before been used in North America.

  • Michels completed a Microtunneling project for the city of Edmonton.