Direct Pipe

GTA Mainline

GTA Mainline


Greater Toronto Area, ON




Mainline Construction, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Well Pointing, Automatic Welding, Direct Pipe, Sheet Piling, Shoring, 24hr Operations


The GTA Mainline is a 49.6-kilometre natural gas pipeline constructed on a 6 metre wide permanent easement. It lies within Ontario's HydroOne corridor, running generally parallel with Highway 407.

Construction of the GTA project was challenging because of its highly urbanized location. Michels obtained multiple permits from different municipalities, cities, and regional conservation authorities, each with their own requirements. Complex traffic management was required as many major arteries were used as construction access roads.

Throughout the course of the project, 16 HDD and 2 Direct Pipe® crossings were installed. HDD pullbacks were often executed in segments because entire strings could not be constructed in the available space. Sixty-three major road crossings were installed using trenchless methods. No roads were opencut. The pipeline crossed a total of 520 buried utilities, and Michels' precision resulted in receipt of the Excavator of the Year Award from the Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance, for zero damages or contacts to buried infrastructure.

  • Michels completed 49.6 km natural gas pipeline constructed in Ontario's HydroOne corridor.
  • Michels installed 49.6km natural gas pipeline constructed on a 6m wide permanent easement.