Horizontal Directional Drilling

Liege Lateral Loop 2

Liege Lateral Loop 2


Michels constructed a 36.2-kilometre, 30-inch pipeline for the Thornbury section of the Liege Lateral Loop 2 Project (LLLT) in the Mariana Lake area of northern Alberta. Horizontal directional drilling was used to complete major crossings of Highway 63 and the House River.

The LLLT project is entirely located on crown-owned land that is a nationally recognized environmentally significant area. The pipeline route traversed large natural areas, intact riparian areas and important wildlife habitat, including habitat for woodland caribou. Additionally, the route crossed a Key Wildlife and Biodiversity Zone (KWBZ) associated with the House River, which required work to adhere to a strict timeline. Minimal disturbance techniques, including severely restricted grading, were used to reduce impacts on soils and vegetation substructure.

To allow safe construction through the Canadian muskeg, the ground was frost-packed. Wooden access mats were also used  to accommodate unusually warm weather.

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